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New Design and Improvement to Digitasolution Site.

Hello, We were very busy to make the new design of Now Our beta design and improvements are ready to use. This is a beta so you may see some issue when you are using our site. Please inform us via our contact page about the issue. Also we are open to take your opinion about our new site. Hope you will enjoy.

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How can I make the default WordPress Image Uploader as responsive design tool by Removing the Height and Width attribute from WordPress Image Uploader?

When you upload a image via WordPress admin panel into your post, then the uploaded image will be inserted into your post perfectly and the WordPress image uploader gives a fixed width and height on the uploaded image. In a code view, it will be look like following: <img src=”path/to/your/image” width=”123″ height=”456″ class=”align center size-full” alt=”” title=””> In general view, it is fully ok but it is not mobile responsive design idea. For the sake...

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Everyone should use premium WordPress theme

Actually, there is absolutely free thing in the world of Internet. On our daily life, we some time try to find free WordPress theme for making our own or client’s website. As a web developer, I will suggest you that you should avoid using free WordPress theme. Because, most of the free themes are not well coded and secured. Many free theme creator or provider input suspicious or harmful code. It may be very harmful to your website. The second reason is that the design is not updated. Most of...

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Why I use WordPress

Why I use WordPress? Some time I ask this questions to myself.  So here is the answer. Nowadays, WordPress has become a very common word to us. Without WordPress, we cannot image blogging. Now, it has already overcome its blogging limitation. Right now, WordPress has become globalized for its enormous features as well as user-friendliness. Certainly, we can say WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. We have passed the static page website era by the help...

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